Breaking news follow up*

6 Mar

By Jeff Maxwell
After meeting with a real doctor, it turns out that my brother Jack’s blister injury is not as serious as originally reported. Instead, he will rest and rehab his finger while continue to blog through his injury.

However, if his blister does pop at some point over the next few weeks, the original diagnosis of surgery will become a reality. He will then be out of blogging action for approximately four months.

*We don’t have to point out that this is a play on the whole A-Rod situation, do we? You guys are smarter than that.

Breaking news regarding The Max

6 Mar

By Jeff Maxwell
My brother (and co-founder of The Max) Jack has just returned from the doctors. He has been diagnosed with blisters on his left typing finger (yes, he is a hunt-and-peck typer). As a result, he will require surgery and will be out of blogging action for 10 weeks.

Mans best friend — and running partner

6 Mar

This dog’s owner trains for marathons and drags his furry best friend on all of his jaunts. The problem is that now the pup can’t relax while he takes a catnap. (Or would it be dognap?) The good thing is that the scenario has provided us with a great video. Enjoy.

Clip length: 24 seconds (and well worth viewing)

Oh, how the times have changed

5 Mar

Ever wonder just how different things are now from way back when? We did, too. So here you go. Enjoy.


Celebrations 101: Dont fall over

5 Mar

We feel like this is a no-brainer, but apparently, it’s not. If you fall over or knock someone down during a celebration, it’s pretty much ruined.

Clip length: 37 seconds

If only a home run were this easy…

4 Mar

Imagine this scene on Opening Day… Of course, the players wouldn’t look like 8-bit color blobs in person, but you get what we’re trying to say.