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Jeff and Jack Maxwell are lifelong baseball fans from Dix Hills, NY. Unlike most sports fans, however, the final score is secondary to them. As long as somebody makes a fool out of themselves or television cameras continually pan to the cheerleaders, they are happy. In February 2009, they welcomed Zack Zeigler to their editorial staff. Here?s a note from each other about what you can expect to see at The Max:

Jack Maxwell:
When I was seven or eight, my dad took me and my big brother to our first baseball game. Traditionally, these rights of passage are looked upon with great fondness. Not for me, though; I was taken to Shea Stadium. What a dump! Even as a child, I could see that it was inferior. From that point on, I knew I had to be a Yankees fan, much to dad?s dismay.

Over the years, winning has become customary for us Yankees fans. I guess that?s why I now choose to look at the game a bit differently. Maybe I?m spoiled with all the winning. Instead of celebrating every win and suffering from every loss, I now try to focus on the idiocy of the game. You can get Xs and Os anywhere; that stuff bores me. I?m more interested in providing you guys with answers to life?s great questions, like why is Jessica Simpson with a clown like Tony Romo? Or what took the Lions so long to can Matt Millen?

Jeff Maxwell:
Unlike my brother, who is a huge Yankees fan, I consider myself more of a fan of baseball in general. I don’t really have one team. I suppose I prefer the National League style of play, but truly appreciate that the American League allows overweight, out-of-shape, beer-guzzling softball players still compete as their DHs. That’s nice of them.

Zack Zeigler
First thing?s first: I don?t care who struck out in the ninth or which player made an error in the third. What I do care about is the tirade after the K and the fan that tossed an egg at the dude after the error.

About me: I started out as a traveling, on-site reporter with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) writing features and articles for WWE.com. I did my best to focus on anything except the wrestling aspect of the business ? the ups and downs of the road lifestyle, the injuries, the surreal characters, the alter egos.

I write freelance features for Marvel Entertainment dealing with non-comic book related content, mainly their studio division covering movie news and promotion for Marvel.com.

Although the last time I played a video game was eight years ago after I blew the dust blanket off my Nintendo, I was hired by THQ Inc. to write dialog and storylines for two of their video games. I hope they were fun to play.

Lastly, I interview punk rock bands for Punknews.org. Guilty. I love punk rock music.

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