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Name calling, bickering… all in the Giants huddle

30 Jan

We managed to score this video that was shot from inside the Giants’ huddle during a practice a few days before they lost to the Eagles in the postseason. After watching the players call each other names and bicker while a play is being called, it’s no wonder a Super Bowl repeat wasn’t in the — no pun intended — cards.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the video — it’s only 30 seconds.

Street Fighter II betrays The Max

30 Jan

Guess who we put our money on?

sumo_012909.jpgThe above photo is why The Max doesn’t bet — we lose. The main reason we took Pee-Wee in this wager wasn’t exactly a good reason, either. We just hated using E. Honda in the old school video game, Street Fighter II.  

Our favorite Street Fighter choices in order: 


Ken/Ryu — They were the basically the same dude with different clothes on.


Blanka – Part wolf. Part man. All Brazillian, baby.
Guile – He’s from the U.S. so  we got his back, but he had hair like Kid from House Party.
Chun-Li – She was small — only a few inches on our little TVs, but could pack a punch.
Dhalsim – Yoga master and scrawnier version of Stretch Armstrong.
E. Honda – Just plain stunk, but he was cheap. You picked him if you wanted an easy win.
Zangief — A muscle-bound Russian wrestler who moved like he was made out of Legos.
*Note: This does not include Super Street Fighter II or any of the main bosses you must fight to win. These are part of the OG roster.

How many people does it take to …

30 Jan

No, not screw in a light bulb. How many people does it take to flip a coin? In this photo from Super Bowl XLI, it looks like it takes about 218 people. We’re guessing with the recent economic crisis, though, the NFL has streamlined its coin-flipping department. So we’re going to set the over under at 15 (not including production crew). Leave your best guess below.

howmany.jpgAnd don’t forget to tell us about Big Ben and Jennifer Hudson.

Larry Fitzgerald is not who you think he is

30 Jan
While our research is still in the preliminary stages of the Scientific Method (remember that?), we’d like to be the first to report our findings: Larry Fitzgerald may actually be a species of the Predator from the film that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Remember that?)

Just know that we’re onto you, Fitz! It’s apparent that the you and your alien beings have acquired the ability to shape-shift, but it’ll take a lot more than that to fool us Sherlock’s over here at The Max. 

Things you have in common with the alien: 
  • Same hair. 
  • Extremely agile.
  • Tall and slender.
  • Shredded, ripped physiques.
OK, so your ribs aren’t showing through your skin and you don’t have vampire-sharp fangs or weird elephant-like tusks wrapping around your face. Big deal. We’re not buying it. 
Just know that if we see any funny business on Sunday — like a tentacle pop out of your jersey or a UFO hovering around the stadium, we’re going to throw a flag on you for it. Don’t think we won’t.

Sing it, Jenny

29 Jan

If you ask us, Jennifer Hudson could sing the National Anthem for 15 minutes if she wants to. Heck, she could sing it all night if she desires. We think she has earned that right. But for the sake of argument, how long do you think she will serenade us for? Most sites are listing the over/under at 1:54. So rather than come up with an opinion of our own, we’ll do the same. 1:54, over or under? Leave your guess below.

hudson.jpgAnd don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Over/Under.

How NOT to play Wii bowling

29 Jan
Ever seen the movie “Kingpin” with Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid? If not, Netflix that immediately. It’s the best bowling flick out there. In fact, are there any other bowling movies worth seeing? Is bowling even a sport? Why don’t shoes — bowling shoes included — smell good?
While pondering those questions, checkout this clip of how NOT to play Wii bowling.