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Debate: Bull Durham vs. Field of Dreams

5 Feb

It’s been tense at The Max of late. Ever since we did a post that listed Kevin Costner’s baseball film “Field of Dreams” as a more superior movie than “Bull Durham” it’s been like the Montagues and the Capulets around here.

To clear the air, let’s allow the people to decide. Here’s what the three Max honchos had to say:

Jeff: Sorry, but I liked “Tin Cup” better than both. Go ahead, make your jokes. K-Cos + Rene Russo = romantic comedy perfection. Or is it infection?
Jack: “Bull Durham was a cinematic masterpiece. Any movie that can make Susan Sarandon actually look sexy needs to be recognized for its greatness. What? You think she’s always been a hottie? Go watch “Thelma & Louise” and get back to me on that one.
Zack: I’m going with “Field of Dreams” for the sole reason that “Bull Durham” was dominated by Tim Robbins. Can it really be considered a “Costner movie” if he was upstaged by another actor in the film? No. Therefore, I’m going with “Field of Dreams.”
We need your help on this. Come on, pick a side.