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Street Fighter II betrays The Max

30 Jan

Guess who we put our money on?

sumo_012909.jpgThe above photo is why The Max doesn’t bet — we lose. The main reason we took Pee-Wee in this wager wasn’t exactly a good reason, either. We just hated using E. Honda in the old school video game, Street Fighter II.  

Our favorite Street Fighter choices in order: 


Ken/Ryu — They were the basically the same dude with different clothes on.


Blanka – Part wolf. Part man. All Brazillian, baby.
Guile – He’s from the U.S. so  we got his back, but he had hair like Kid from House Party.
Chun-Li – She was small — only a few inches on our little TVs, but could pack a punch.
Dhalsim – Yoga master and scrawnier version of Stretch Armstrong.
E. Honda – Just plain stunk, but he was cheap. You picked him if you wanted an easy win.
Zangief — A muscle-bound Russian wrestler who moved like he was made out of Legos.
*Note: This does not include Super Street Fighter II or any of the main bosses you must fight to win. These are part of the OG roster.