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Holyfield wants to fight… again

18 Nov

Evander Holyfield has announced he wants another shot at becoming the undisputed champion. No, seriously, he does.

“My goal is to be undisputed champion, not just to win one title,”
Holyfield said at a news conference Tuesday.

We’re not clairvoyant over here at The Max, but we do know that Holyfield should step back into the ring the same way Michael Jordan should come out of retirement for the trillionth time. But Holyfield is going to do what he wants, so if the 46-year-old former champ really wants to prove he’s still got what it takes, here’s the best, safest option for him:

Cozy up in front of the TV, get his old Sega Genesis out of the attic, blow the dust off of it, and play Evander Holyfield’s “Real Deal” Boxing, which is also known as the worst video game on planet Earth. If he can’t play as himself, Holyfield should use the Game Genie to get to the final round, where he’d play against himself, and then throw the fight.This way he can see himself hold up his title belt one last time and he won’t get pummeled like Apollo Creed at the beginning of Rocky IV. (Watch Apollo get smashed up by Ivan Drago to really slow, cheesy music.)

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