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Big East Cheerleader game

13 Mar

In celebration of last night’s instant classic between Syracuse and UConn, play the new Big East Cheerleaders Match Game from YES.

Click here to make your own Fyrebug game

Also, check out YES’ Big East Cheerleader photo gallery currently on the main page of YESNetwork.com.

The truth behind Dominique Franks diss of Tim Tebow

5 Jan

The REAL reason Oklahoma cornerback Dominique Franks doesn’t think Tim Tebow is worthy of his 2007 Heisman Trophy has nothing to do with the fact that Tebow doesn’t play in the Big 12, which is what was reported by every national news source that picked up the story. 

Leave it to The Max to find the truth behind Franks’ outburst, and here it is: 
When a receiver blows by D. Franks for a touchdown, the gal in the photo below isn’t waiting for him after the game to tell him everything will be alright. That’s because she’s too busy giving Timmy a hug for tossing another game-winning TD pass. Case closed. 


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Miamis Marve to bring bad grades elsewhere

30 Dec

Robert Marve, the quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes who started 11 of 12 football games this season before getting suspended for his school-low academic performance, is taking his crappy transcript and moving on out.  

Rumor has it the freshman, who tossed 1,293 yards, nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season, is interested in heading to an SEC team. Florida, Tennessee and Louisiana State have been named, but it really all depends on which schools offer his major: Doing handstands AND his minor: Reciting the alphabet.
When reached, Marve had this to say:
“You don’t have to be no Alfred Einstein to know that I ain’t gonna send Miami no invite to no parties of mine.”