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Giambi not a girl

8 Jan


Former Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi was introduced as the newest member of the Oakland Athletics Wednesday. During the press conference, The Big G finally dispelled any rumors of his gender. The bold portions of the below quote were picked up by The Max microphones only. Yeah, we’re sly like that:

“I’m back here to win,” Giambi said. “I didn’t come here just to
come back and be the prom queen again and ride through the floats. I will, however, continue to wear my thong like a queen and put my head on men’s shoulders like I have a crush on them.

This comes just days after The Max broke the shocking news on Carl Pavano, proving that Gary Gnu has nothing on this site.

In all seriousness, though, The Max wishes Giambi the best in Oakland. He’s one of baseball’s good guys.