Surfing the web

16 Oct

Well, The Max made it to another Friday. And as is quickly becoming the tradition over here, we like to offer you some witty web findings that should help you get through your day at the office. Like last week, this should eat up a few hours. How you spend the rest of your work day is up to you.

Mental Floss wants you to name all 30 NHL teams in five minutes. It’s harder than it sounds. But we were pretty proud of our 25-out-of-30 attempt, and we don’t even consider hockey a sport (well, a good one, anyway). Continue…

Speaking of Mental Floss, they list their favorite athletes that did not collect $200 when they went directly to jail. Continue…

ESPN traces the phrase “Manny being Manny” all the way back to 1995. Continue…

Deadspin features the world’s dumbest Phillies fan. Continue…

The Big Lead reviews Versus’ new show Sports Soup. The article’s length could be cut in half, but there is an opinion in there somewhere, we swear. We’re only providing you with this link because we know you didn’t see the show. Continue…

YouTube Baseball Video of the Week
Somebody finally told Mr. Met that his team is no longer playing baseball. Poor guy:

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