Why Carson Palmers agent was fired

22 Oct

Bad Endorsements Palmer.jpgTwo questions: Who wears eye black and dresses their sausage links with mustard to look like the laces of a football? Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, that’s who. You have a problem with that? Take a look at the fierceness glaring at you in that photo and you might want to rethink your position. Go on, look at him in all his meanness. He’d crush you like he crushes his John Morrell sausages.  

But all kidding aside, besides looking as tough as Prince in that pic, there’s something else about this — the slogan: “GO Long…er!” It’s an awful play on words, just dreadful in an editorial and creative sense. If you ask us, Palmer and his reps certainly fumbled the snap when choosing to endorse this product.

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