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Inside the mind of The Max, part 6

11 Mar

Here’s the newest set of questions that have been occupying our every
thought. Let us know if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

  • ned.jpgWho’s gonna tell the Netherlands that they misspelled their own name on their WBC uniforms?
  • Now that Joba Chamberlain had a good start (against the Reds Tuesday), can we all stop worrying about if he’s going to be any good this season?
  • Should we instead focus on CC Sabathia getting knocked around by the Tigers today (sarcasm)?
  • Did you know that if a WBC game goes into extra innings, baserunners are automatically placed on first and second base? No joke. Sounds more dumb than the NFL’s overtime rules.
  • When will NFL teams stop giving Terrell Owens opportunities? Poor Trent Edwards.
  • Is it OK that we lost just a little bit of respect for Lawrence Taylor after watching him on Dancing with the Stars?
  • If Sean Avery isn’t going to be the same controversial Sean Avery, shouldn’t the Rangers just send him packing … again? No sense in employing a bruiser if he’s gonna act like a girl.
  • Why aren’t you following us on Twitter?

Inside the mind of The Max, part 2

18 Feb

Monday’s edition of “Inside the mind of The Max” was so well received (by ourselves) that we decided to let you back into our noggins to see the questions that have been occupying our thoughts. Let us know if you’ve been thinking the same thing:

  • arod38.jpgWho would’ve thought that 38 seconds lasted so long?

  • Don’t you think A-Rod deserves to be treated a little better, considering he is the only mega-star to stand up and say he did it?

  • Don’t you think that if A-Rod found a cure for the common cold, people would get mad at him for not focusing his efforts on cancer?

  • Don’t you just want to carry Nate Robinson around in your pocket?

  • Aren’t you glad Manny Ramirez doesn’t have a job yet?

  • Aren’t you sad Ken Griffey, Jr., doesn’t have a job yet?

  • Why doesn’t the NFL come under the same steroid scrutiny as MLB?

Want free promotion for your blog or website?

17 Feb
Getting free promotion is simple when you come to The Max. You just gotta play an easy word association game with us. If yours are clever enough to make the varsity team, we’ll give you, your company or your website a shout-out just for playing. Be creative. Be funny. Be PG. 
  • Your name
  • Your occupation, blog or website 
  • Two PG-rated photos 
  • A few word associations
Need a better idea of what we’re looking for? Lucky for you, one of The Max’s head button pushers, Zack Zeigler, was kind enough to play the first round as an example.

LeBron James

Stephon Marbury

John Cena

Michael Phelps


Brett Favre


Detroit Lions

Randy Jackson

Michael Vick


They played for who?

12 Feb

Now that the Brett Favre experiment is finally over in New York (result: failure), The Max takes a look back at some other notable bad decisions by your favorite athletes. Who do you think look most weird in their new uniform?

First on the scene

12 Feb

The Max has never prided itself on being a breaking-news service. But in this instance, we have sent Jack Maxwell to the Favre compound in Mississippi to be the first on the scene when Brett Favre announces his unretirement. So, if you actually care to be the first to know when Brett comes back to the NFL, keep it here. The Max will be the first to report the news (take that, Yahoo! Sports). And yes, that’s Jack at the bottom left.


Reality TV is about to get really bad

2 Feb

irvin.jpgIf you thought Britney and Kevin’s Chaotic reality show was a good idea, you’re gonna love this: It looks like not only Terrell Owens will be getting his own reality show, but so is the equally-annoying former wide receiver Michael Irvin.

Owens’ show, which will air on VH1, will follow him and his best friends and publicists as they try to re-examine his personal life. Spike TV will produce Irvin’s show, which will follow the Hall of Famer as he looks to find somebody good enough to make the Dallas Cowboys training camp roster. 
If you ask us, they both sound like perfect stinkers! It truly amazes us that people would care to follow these bums as they continue to make fools of themselves. Furthermore, we are even more confused as to why it seems like the wide receiver position is the most annoying position on the football field. Seriously, why does this position produce so many divas? If you know the answer, let us know. In the meantime, check out our list of the biggest wide receiver divas in NFL history (notice how many of them turned out to be nobodies):

10: Jerry Porter
The only guy in NFL history to root against his team. But you gotta love that he parked in Al Davis’ parking spot. Classic.

9: Deion Branch
Just put your uni on and play.

8: Javon Walker
Unfortunately for him, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.

7: Chris Henry
We don’t have time to list it all. Just check it out here.

6: Randy Moss
Rumor has it the entire state of Minnesota stays off the streets any time Moss comes to town to play the Vikings. Good idea.

5: Plaxico Burress
Hey, Giants fans. Should we give Plax another shot?

4: Michael Irvin
We’re not sure what’s more prolific – his NFL stats or his rap sheet. This guy’s been arrested more times than Mike Tyson and Charles Barkley combined.

3: Keyshawn Johnson
We actually consider Keyshawn to be the “Godfather” of diva wideouts. In our eyes, it was his book, “Just Give Me the Damn Ball!,” that started this whole phenomenon in motion. So the next time, a Giants wide receiver goes and shoots himself, you’ll have Keyshawn to thank.

2: Chad Johnson
His ridiculous name change, horrible taste in sweaters and poor hair styles are just the tip of the iceberg.

1: Terrell Owens
When was the last time you did situps in your driveway while the media watched?