Surfing the web

31 Oct

We have to apologize for the tardiness of our weekly Friday Surfing The Web feature. We spent the majority of the morning dreaming about Matt Holliday in pinstripes. Anyway, we hope you were able to find some other things to help you get through the work day. The below links should get you to 5 p.m. There’s nothing The Max promotes more than a lack of productivity at the workplace.

Page 2 updates you on all the recent uniform changes in the NBA. Continue… tries to get to the bottom of the Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly rumors. Continue…

The Sports Hernia has an exclusive interview with the bozo that painted his face for the Phillies post-season games. Continue…

Maxim takes a look at the NFL’s mid-season MVPs… for CHEERLEADERS! Continue…

The Sports Muffin counts the things Greg Oden has more of than games played in the NBA. Continue…

WWE has turned its wrestlers into zombies this Halloween. Continue…

Tirico Suave tries to see the brighter side of the Mike Jacobs to Kansas City deal. Continue…

YouTube Video of the Week
The Top 10 things that went through Cole Hamels’ mind after winning the World Series:

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