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Beware of Averys get-rich-quick scheme

4 Dec

Hockey players have to buy holiday gifts too, which puts the newly out-of-commission Sean Avery in a pickle as the time to drop cash on Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa presents rapidly approaches.

But Avery is as innovative as he is annoying and lewd. Rather than sit around and collect dust during his hiatus from the Dallas Stars for vulgar comments geared towards one of his ex-flames (Full story), the former New York Rangers’ instigator has opened his own dot-com business that promises to help guys have their former girlfriends hate them half as much as the entire United States hates Sean Avery right now.

We copped this card from a dude who was passing them out on the street near MSG the other night. Now that we think of it, that dude could very well have been Avery.


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Former NHL Ranger being hunted by Jack Bauer

2 Dec

Former New York Ranger Sean Avery was suspended indefinitely by the NHL for saying naughty things about his former flame, “24” star Elisha Cuthbert, during a morning skate with his new team, the Dallas Stars. 
What was so bad, you ask? We wouldn’t dare utter the phrase, but let’s just say that we wouldn’t be surprised if Jack Bauer is taking time out of his busy schedule to plot some revenge for the slur. 
But we can’t leave you in the dark, so we’ve put something together that should help illustrate what the term was…


Get the idea now?  If not, refer to that Google thing the kids are talking about. It’s all over that.