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Shoulda took the over

1 Feb

Earlier in the week, we set the over/under of Jennifer Hudson’s National Anthem at 1:54. If you took the over, you win! Congrats. Here is the amazing rendition (unless NBC pulled it already):

Sing it, Jenny

29 Jan

If you ask us, Jennifer Hudson could sing the National Anthem for 15 minutes if she wants to. Heck, she could sing it all night if she desires. We think she has earned that right. But for the sake of argument, how long do you think she will serenade us for? Most sites are listing the over/under at 1:54. So rather than come up with an opinion of our own, we’ll do the same. 1:54, over or under? Leave your guess below.

hudson.jpgAnd don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Over/Under.

National Anthem mayhem

9 Jan
It’s a song performers usually know all the lyrics to, but when the words get botched to our nation’s National Anthem, save video No. 2 featuring Lt. Frank Drebin from “The Naked Gun”, the outcome ain’t pretty.
Length: 1:19
Length: 1:16

Length: 1:12

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