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Tron digs futuristic NBA All-Star jerseys

21 Jan

The futuristic NBA All-Star jerseys that have received some ridicule among tradition ballers is apparently A-OK with Tron, a character from self-titled 1982 movie that was way ahead of its time (but still kind of cool… just like Nintendo’s “Excite Bike” is still kind of cool).

Displaying his Wayne’s World dialog skills by using “zang” (which is Cantonese for “excellent”) to describe the jerseys, Tron also had this to say: 
“You guys at The Max must be really running thin on content to use me in one of your posts. I’m talking Calista Flockhart-thin.”
When reached, The Max had no comment.


Surfing the Web

14 Nov

It’s Friday, and you know what that means – stop being so productive at work and surf the web. Here are some links that might help you get started:

The Hockey Hall of Fame ceremony was held at, none other than, Steve’s place. (The Onion)

Gilbert Arenas believes in change. Don’t believe him? Shake his hand. (Intentional Foul)

The TV Sports Theme Song Quiz will have you scratching your head. (Mental Floss)

The Blazers Dancers have gotten new outfits. Truth is that we really don’t care. But the fact that they are new means that it’s news and gives us the opportunity to link to some beautiful babies, as Vince Vaughn would say in Swingers. (Blaze of Love)

NBA jerseys: There’s been some bad ones over the past 10 years. (Bad Jerseys)

YouTube Video of the Day
Ok, so it’s really from ESPN. But we can’t give up our awesome branding of “YouTube Video of the Day,” especially since its been in existence since, like, October. Thanks to the YES web guy for sending us this link.