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Royals go international to sign young righty

16 Dec

After seeing the success such teams as the Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners have had finding top stars in the international market, the Kansas City Royals announced Tuesday that they have signed a young right-handed flame thrower from Iraq:


“We’ve only seen him on tape thus far,” admits one unnamed Royals official. “But he clearly has promise, and his heart is in the right place. He’ll just need to work on his control a bit. Once he’s able to hit his target, we think we’ll have a superstar on our hands.”

righty1.jpgHey, he can’t be worse than Kyle Farnsworth.

President Bushs pep talk baffles Navy players

7 Dec

Check out the dude on the left side of the photo wearing No. 2. He can barely keep a straight face while President Bush delivers a speech prior to Navy’s football game against Army.

We’d like to note that we feel kind of bad for the poor guy wearing the coat on the right that’s getting smothered by W’s talk bubble.