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The Maxs Official Guide to the Oscars

22 Feb

We sincerely hope this post didn’t confuse anyone who may have been thinking it was referring to the award show with the same name.


Who should get the Oscar?
( polls)

Inside the mind of The Max, part 3

20 Feb

Here’s the newest set of questions that have been occupying our every thought. Let us know if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

  • griffsea.jpgWhy is Seattle so excited to welcome back an older version of a guy who was
    never able to carry them to a title when he was actually in his prime?

  • At this point, wouldn’t it be bigger news to reveal players who DO NOT use PEDs, instead of those who do?

  • Don’t you think that ESPN covering bass fishing makes as much sense as their coverage of the National Spelling Bee? Hey, at least the Bee is entertaining. By the way, neither is a sport.

  • Don’t you think MLBlogs should slap the franchise tag on Julia? She’s money.

  • Shouldn’t 2K Sports be embarrassed for putting out that MLB Front Office Manager game? Intellivision baseball is far more entertaining, which isn’t saying much.

  • Is it OK that we would rather watch the Oscars this Sunday than that Nascar Sprint Cup thingy?