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Golf to have sport privilege revoked?

13 Apr

golfsport.jpgJust one day after Angel Cabrera captured the Masters, rumors are circulating that the Gaming Association of Sports is considering revoking golf’s right to call itself a sport.

“After seeing a considerably overweight individual such as Cabrera win the most prestigious championship in the game,” said Mack Dixon, G.A.S. President, “it’s clear that we need to re-assess whether or not golf is a sport. You obviously don’t need to be an athlete to win this thing.”

According to reports, G.A.S. is tinkering with the idea of slapping golf with the “game” label, rather than “sport.” This will put it in the same category as Darts, Pool and everybody’s favorite lawn game, Jarts.

“Yes, we are considering this change,” admits Dixon. “After all, what makes it any different than pool? In both games, you’re trying to get the ball in the hole. Golf just takes a little while longer.”

Update: The Max has learned that G.A.S. is also toying with the idea of revoking the sport privilege to the following “sports.” Do you think they should be considered sports?

  • Fishing
  • Archery
  • NHL

On the flip side, we are also hearing the following events may soon earn the “sports” label:

  • Beirut (aka Beer Pong)
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Marco Polo
  • Flashlight Tag
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

Which of the below events most deserves to be called a sport?
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Inside the mind of The Max, part 3

20 Feb

Here’s the newest set of questions that have been occupying our every thought. Let us know if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

  • griffsea.jpgWhy is Seattle so excited to welcome back an older version of a guy who was
    never able to carry them to a title when he was actually in his prime?

  • At this point, wouldn’t it be bigger news to reveal players who DO NOT use PEDs, instead of those who do?

  • Don’t you think that ESPN covering bass fishing makes as much sense as their coverage of the National Spelling Bee? Hey, at least the Bee is entertaining. By the way, neither is a sport.

  • Don’t you think MLBlogs should slap the franchise tag on Julia? She’s money.

  • Shouldn’t 2K Sports be embarrassed for putting out that MLB Front Office Manager game? Intellivision baseball is far more entertaining, which isn’t saying much.

  • Is it OK that we would rather watch the Oscars this Sunday than that Nascar Sprint Cup thingy?

Fun With Numbers

3 Nov

As we do every Monday, The Max offers an in-depth look at the most important numbers of the past week in sports and entertainment. Take a look:


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