2008 Out-Kicked His Coverage Championship

12 Nov

Face it, you get a little heated ever time you see a below-average-looking athlete walking around with a supermodel on his arm. It’s ok, we do too. But don’t get mad at the athlete just because he “out-kicked his coverage.” The truth is you should be congratulating him for taking advantage of his status. And that’s exactly what we will be doing here, as we look to crown the first-ever Out-Kicked His Coverage Champion.

Everyday, we’ll pit two athletes up against each other, and you’ll have the opportunity to vote on which man you think has taken advantage of his celebrity status the most. To clarify, you’re not voting for the most attractive woman. You’re choosing the guy who would not be with that girl if he wasn’t an athlete. So for example, Tom Brady really shouldn’t make it out of the first round because he’s a damn good looking guy (that’s right, we said it), and could probably date anybody he wants. Tim Hasselbeck, on the other hand, well, he’d probably be dating the likes of Roseanne Barr if it wasn’t for his NFL status.

Editor’s note: Due to the controversy surrounding this competition at SI.com’s Hot Clicks, The Max has suspended the producer of this post for 15 games. Being the fan-friendly blog that we are, we will also put Marko Jaric into the competition, replacing 31 seed Mike Modano (let’s face it, he could probably score Willa Ford without his skating prowess).


Before placing your vote, learn a little bit more about your options below. Also, be sure to print out the brackets for your office pool. And last but not least, remember:

You’re voting for the guy who would not be with that girl if he wasn’t an athlete.

1. Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck & The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck
2. Some guy named Tiger Woods & super nanny Elin Nordegren
3. Quarterback Jake Plummer & former Broncos cheerleader Kollette Klassen
4. Tennis great Pete Sampras & actress Bridgette Wilson
5. Quarterback Jeff Garcia & Playmate Carmella Decesare
6. Baseball’s Scott Podsednik & Playmate Lisa Dergan
7. Baseball’s Matt Treanor & Olympian Misty May
8. Little David Eckstein & actress Ashley Drane
9. Driver Jeff Gordon & model Ingrid Vandebosch
10. “Quarterback” A.J. Feeley & soccer star Heather Mitts
11. Quarterback Tim Couch & Playmate Heather Kozar
12. Basketball’s Rony Seikaly & model Elsa Benitez
13. Figure skater David Pelletier & figure skater Jamie Sale
14. Basketball’s Peja Stojakovic & model Aleka Kamila
15. Quarterback Tony Romo & “actress”/singer Jessica Simpson
16. Baseball’s Scott Erickson & the sidelines’ Lisa Guerrero
17. Football’s Hank Baskett & Hef’s girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson
18. Basketball’s Tony Parker & Housewife Eva Longoria
19. Driver Dario Franchitti & actress Ashley Judd  
20. Hockey’s Petr Nedved & model Veronica Varekova
21. Baseball’s Kris Benson & the over-rated Anna Benson
22. Basketball’s Kobe Bryant & the trusting Vanessa Bryant 
23. Hockey’s Alexi Yashin & model Carol Alt
24. Baseball’s Casey Daigle & softball’s Jennie Finch
25. Baseball’s Mike Piazza & Playmate Alicia Rickter
26. Baseball’s Nomar Garciaparra & soccer’s Mia Hamm 
27. Tennis’ Andre Agassi & tennis’ Steffi Graf
28. Football’s Adam Archuleta & Playmate Jennifer Walcott
29. Football’s Rodney Peete & actress Holly Robinson 
30. MMA’s Tito Ortiz & some girl Jenna Jameson
31. Bench warmer (as described by one reader) Marko Jaric & model Adriana Lima
32. Quarterback Tom Brady & model Gisele Bundchen 



3 Responses to “2008 Out-Kicked His Coverage Championship”

  1. 250harbor November 21, 2008 at 3:59 pm #

    This is the greatest thing on the Internet. I’m just a little upset that it took me until the Final Four of this tournament to find it. My money is on Garcia. He’s a bozo!

  2. metseptember November 21, 2008 at 4:08 pm #

    This isn’t bad, but when are you gonna do a “Hottest Athlete” contest? No, not dudes. Hot girls!

  3. themaxblog November 23, 2008 at 11:07 pm #

    Hey Metseptember, if you want a hottest athlete contest, you got it. We will put it into our production plan. Thanks.

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