Braves getting physical at Spring Training

23 Feb

Nobody at The Max claims to be’s Steven Goldman. We’re not that baseball-smart. In fact, nobody hear here at The Max claims to be smart at all. Doesn’t matter, though, because we don’t have to be a crew of Alfred Einstein’s to know that if teams like the Braves plan to win in ’09 they’ll going to need to ditch the Olivia Newton-John routine and start tossing the pill around and taking cuts with the lumber.


2 Responses to “Braves getting physical at Spring Training”

  1. juliasrants at 4:49 pm #

    Perhaps a little Janet Jackson routine would be better.


  2. juliasrants at 8:39 pm #

    Hey MaxGuy! Congrats on being #46 on the Latest Pro Bloggers List! It’s about time!


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