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Troy Aikman heading Back to School

10 Feb

Anyone remember the Rodney Dangerfield film, “Back to School”? Paulie from “Rocky”, the late, great Sam Kinnison, Johnny “Cobra Kai” Lawrence from “The Karate Kid” and Robert Downy Jr. from the drunken skeeve Wall of Shame were all in it. ( Watch the trailer.)

Well Troy Aikman is apparently a fan, and he’s taking the title literally. He told the press he’s “finally taking care of business” and heading back to college to get his degree from UCLA.

We wish the former QB luck and all, but we think we’ll wait for the update to arrive on DVD before bothering to worry about Aikman’s school ventures again. He’s OK as a TV personality, but he’s no Rodney Dangerfield, that’s for certain.