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Troy Aikman heading Back to School

10 Feb

Anyone remember the Rodney Dangerfield film, “Back to School”? Paulie from “Rocky”, the late, great Sam Kinnison, Johnny “Cobra Kai” Lawrence from “The Karate Kid” and Robert Downy Jr. from the drunken skeeve Wall of Shame were all in it. ( Watch the trailer.)

Well Troy Aikman is apparently a fan, and he’s taking the title literally. He told the press he’s “finally taking care of business” and heading back to college to get his degree from UCLA.

We wish the former QB luck and all, but we think we’ll wait for the update to arrive on DVD before bothering to worry about Aikman’s school ventures again. He’s OK as a TV personality, but he’s no Rodney Dangerfield, that’s for certain.


Pac-Man to play for Cowboys on Saturday

18 Dec

What? Were you expecting Adam “Pacman” Jones or something? Nah, the Cowboys are through with that guy (not really: story here), and in his place they’ve enlisted another Pac-Man — THE Pac-Man.

The Cowboys organization are ironing out the details and trying to decide how many of those power pellets it will take for the video-game crusader to suit up for the remainder of the season. The biggest hang up being encountered has been finding a helmet to squeeze over the perfect sphere that is Pac-Man’s enormous, bowling ball head. 
No word on why Pac-Man has decided to put the Cowboys’ star on his cheek. We found that a little weird, and we’re also not sure what position he’ll be playing. We’re thinking wedge breaker on kickoffs is a shoo-in (or in President Bush’s case, a shoe-in).

Fun With Numbers

27 Oct

As we do every Monday, The Max offers an in-depth look at the most important numbers of the past week in sports and entertainment. Check out last week’s edition of Fun With Numbers here.