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Philling in for Pettitte?

28 Dec

Recent rumors surrounding the Yankees 2009 pitching rotation claim that Brian Cashman is leaning towards giving Phil Hughes the No. 5 spot, instead of signing lefty veteran Andy Pettitte.

While we know that Cash isn’t a loyal reader of The Max, we’re assuming that somebody reading this knows somebody who knows somebody who might come in contact with the Yankees GM. If you are that person, please give Cashman these very important statistics: 
In 2008, Pettitte had 14 wins.
Also in 2008, you (yes, you the person reading this entry) tied Phil Hughes with the number of wins… ZERO. Here’s a list of some other notables that had just as many wins as Hughes. If you’re wondering, the goal of this exercise is to point out that Pettitte should be taking the mound at the new Stadium, not Hughes:
Tom Brady
Ian Kennedy
Your mom
Marley from Marley & Me
Tony Romo’s likeability
Val Venis
Note: The above names also had 4 less losses than Hughes.

McCain for GM?

16 Oct

1mccain.jpgBefore we get started, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: The Max will not express its political views here (to be honest, we don’t even know what our political views are). This is not that kinda place. But we will get to the bottom of what the heck John McCain was scribbling on his legal pad all night during the debate. Luckily for us, it had to do with sports, which makes it fit to print on this blog.

By now, we’re sure you’re asking yourself how we know McCain’s scribblings were about sports. Well, two things: 1. Stop asking yourself so many questions and just suspend disbelief for a little while. 2. We had “our guy” pick through the trash after the debate. Here’s what he found:


Ok, a couple of things here. We like his proposed rotation. It looks like he sees Joba going back in the ‘pen, which we can’t argue. But how does he plan on getting Mike Jacobs onto the team (or why)? Also, it looks like he doesn’t like the idea of selling Cano while his stock is so low. We wonder, though, which would be an easier job? Bringing Cano back to prominence or saving the economy?

As for his drawing, we guess it’s supposed to Obama. Who knows? Maybe he should’ve concentrated more on debating, rather than doodling.