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You spoke, they listened

24 Jan

Last week, we asked you to comment on YES’ newest web show so that the producers could get it perfect before they debut it on their site. Well, it looks like they took a lot of your suggestions, especially the one to make it shorter. Here’s Take 2 of the pilot-episode process. (who gets two shots at a pilot?) Be sure to leave your comments below, even if they are lame comments like the one LaneMyer left last week.

Please stop talking, Reggie Miller

15 Jan

reggie.jpg Not that The Max would ever misunderestimate Barack Obama’s talents on anything, but when Reggie Miller recently told CNN he believes Obama’s basketball skills may offer clues to his style of leadership, we had to slap Miller with a technical.

C’mon Reg, seriously? Someone here at The Max had a roommate in college who was a a local legend when it came to playing Madden football on the PlayStation 2, but that didn’t mean the couch potato was capable of leading the University’s football team to victory in the NCAA title game. (Another Max reporter’s ex-roommate was also a pro at Grand Theft Auto, yet he never hot-wired a car in his life. Go figure.)

Miller also said he wouldn’t mind “picking [Obama] up on my squad” in a pickup game.

Well, that we agree with. The general rule of thumb is as follows: If the most powerful guy in the land wants to play, you put him on your team, and you let him shoot from halfcourt if he wants to. Even if Obama said he planned to shoot with his feet and dribble with his elbows, you still put him in your starting five.

But Miller had more to say: “[Obama] makes sure that everyone gets involved, and that’s the kind of point guard I want. Those are guys like Magic Johnson, Mark Jackson, John Stockton, it’s not all about them; it’s about let’s
make sure our team is good. He’s going to get the ball to everyone.”

Whoa boy. We get that Miller is trying to relate Obama to some greats people will know, but even mentioning Obama’s b-ball skills in the same sentence as Magic or Stockton is like saying the goalie in this video has a shot at making varsity.

McCain for GM?

16 Oct

1mccain.jpgBefore we get started, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: The Max will not express its political views here (to be honest, we don’t even know what our political views are). This is not that kinda place. But we will get to the bottom of what the heck John McCain was scribbling on his legal pad all night during the debate. Luckily for us, it had to do with sports, which makes it fit to print on this blog.

By now, we’re sure you’re asking yourself how we know McCain’s scribblings were about sports. Well, two things: 1. Stop asking yourself so many questions and just suspend disbelief for a little while. 2. We had “our guy” pick through the trash after the debate. Here’s what he found:


Ok, a couple of things here. We like his proposed rotation. It looks like he sees Joba going back in the ‘pen, which we can’t argue. But how does he plan on getting Mike Jacobs onto the team (or why)? Also, it looks like he doesn’t like the idea of selling Cano while his stock is so low. We wonder, though, which would be an easier job? Bringing Cano back to prominence or saving the economy?

As for his drawing, we guess it’s supposed to Obama. Who knows? Maybe he should’ve concentrated more on debating, rather than doodling.