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Change the Brooklyn Cyclones can believe in

13 Jan

cyclones.jpgNo, Barack Obama isn’t pulling a Michael Jordan and swapping one career for another. He’s also not pulling a Dick Cheney and getting what he wants with bully tactics.

In honor of soon-to-be President Obama, the Brooklyn Cyclones — a Class A affiliate of the New York Mets — will change their name to the “Baracklyn Cyclones” for their June 23rd game. They’ll also pass out Obama bobbleheads to the first 2,500 people that show up.

“Steve Cohen, our GM there, came up with it, and Dave Howard worked with him on it,” Mets chief operating office Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday. “I said, if you
think this is going to be good for ticket sales… let’s
go. It created a little bit of excitement.”

The bobbleheads aren’t all the Cyclones are doing: They’re also scaling back ticket prices to $5-$10 bucks from Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day — through Jan. 23., passing out Band-Aids to the first 1,000 fans as part of the “Universal Health Care” promotion, offering free bleacher seats to anybody named McCain or Palin and free entry to people named Barack. Oh, and Plumbers named Joe get two free tickets, too.

However, it should be noted that anyone with the name Bernie or Madoff will be ejected immediately. (Too soon for that joke, Mr. Wilpon?)