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Redefining the term Hat Head

25 Feb

We’re excited for baseball to return. What sports fan isn’t? But our excitement doesn’t cut it compared to the guy who shaped his hair into a baseball cap. We know when we’re beat, and we have no problems declaring you the big winner, pal. Congrats. ( Side note: We were wondering if he’s ever tried to flip it around and wear it backwards?)

Are you there Ashton Kutcher? Its us, The Max.

24 Feb

kidstoyskipit.jpgAnyone ever heard of the toy, Skip It? If not, please refer to the illustration to the left. It’s a fairly simple concept.

Well, Skip It was one of those items that you saw advertised on TV (in 1989) but you never knew someone who wasted their money on one. Sort of like the Pet Rock.

Anyway, we think someone (namely Ashton Kutcher from Punk’d) should buy a whole bunch of them, hire an actor to play a strength coach and then use them at a station during drills at Spring Training. According to the new coach, here’s how the Skip It will help each player: “It muscles your speed. It strengthens your agility. And it agilitizes your endurance!

With decent acting and no breaks in character from assistant coaches, you think anyone would bite and start skipping to agilitize their endurance? We think the most players on the Nationals would heavily consider it. Science tells us desperation tends to lower inhibitions.

Which Big League Chew flavor should The Max endorse?

11 Feb

We’re getting out the vote. Well, we’re actually seeking YOUR votes, so pitch in and let us know which Big League Chew flavor you stand behind. Vote in the poll below and leave a comment to let us know why you chose a certain flavor.

originalchew.jpgThe Original. Never in gum-chewing history has there been a product that made kids feel as if chewing tobacco would taste so good. Of course, when those same kids actually graduated to munching on tobacco products they either barfed or got incredibly faint, which rendered them useless on the playing field. Shoulda stuck with some BLC gum, dudes.

grapchew.jpgGrape. The taste is sweet, like if you dumped six pounds of sugar and added a hint of grape onto the shreds of Chew. We’re not huge fans of the color purple (not the movie, of course) because everyone at The Max despises the Vikings, but we won’t hold that against grape.

strawberrychew.jpgStrawberry. It’s strawberry-delicious. At least that’s what one test subject said when asked how he enjoyed his sample of strawberry BLC. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he kicked The Max’s own Jeff Maxwell in the groin, snatched the entire pouch and ran off. Don’t believe us? It happened. Would we lie?

watermelonchew.jpgWatermelon. A nice refresher to combat our normal bad breath and the looming threat of the gum disease Gingivitis! Well, not really. Watermelon fights no disease and like all BLC, it’s loaded with sugar which doesn’t exactly help fight cavities. But watermelon did rank high in flavor and juiciness. Not gonna lie, we were upset that the seeds were removed. We love spitting them.

Which Big League Chew flavor should The Max endorse?
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Ex-teammate Bonds bids Kent strange farewell

21 Jan
HGH infested mutant ballplayer Barry Bonds offered ex-teammate Jeff Kent an odd going away gift, The Max has learned. Late this afternoon, when news broke that after 17 seasons in baseball, Kent, 40, will hang up his cleats for good, a copy of a postcard Bonds sent to his former teammate surfaced, again starting rumors that their feud isn’t as over as people once thought.
Back 2002, when both Kent and Bonds were playing for the Giants, a rift between the two went public following this dugout incident:
Kent ended up leaving the Giants, as the dugout wasn’t big enough for both of their egos and Bonds’ ever-growing steroid head. Then, after a time, it was said that the two sluggers hugged it out and were at the very least on “OK terms” with one another.
After obtaining a copy of the postcard, which is featured below, we’re not so sure the feud is as over as everyone would like to believe…

Change the Brooklyn Cyclones can believe in

13 Jan

cyclones.jpgNo, Barack Obama isn’t pulling a Michael Jordan and swapping one career for another. He’s also not pulling a Dick Cheney and getting what he wants with bully tactics.

In honor of soon-to-be President Obama, the Brooklyn Cyclones — a Class A affiliate of the New York Mets — will change their name to the “Baracklyn Cyclones” for their June 23rd game. They’ll also pass out Obama bobbleheads to the first 2,500 people that show up.

“Steve Cohen, our GM there, came up with it, and Dave Howard worked with him on it,” Mets chief operating office Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday. “I said, if you
think this is going to be good for ticket sales… let’s
go. It created a little bit of excitement.”

The bobbleheads aren’t all the Cyclones are doing: They’re also scaling back ticket prices to $5-$10 bucks from Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day — through Jan. 23., passing out Band-Aids to the first 1,000 fans as part of the “Universal Health Care” promotion, offering free bleacher seats to anybody named McCain or Palin and free entry to people named Barack. Oh, and Plumbers named Joe get two free tickets, too.

However, it should be noted that anyone with the name Bernie or Madoff will be ejected immediately. (Too soon for that joke, Mr. Wilpon?)

Nationals hunting for new public announcer

15 Dec
There was a thirty-second radio spot last week revealing that the flailing economy has hit the Washington Nationals where it counts — on the public announce system. Having to layoff the PA guy has caused the D.C. squad to hold open tryouts. There’s a shortlist for those they’d consider, and the list may surprise (or appall) you:

Mays is a first-team All-American hustler when it comes to bellowing cheesy catchphrases with his booming voice and I’m-trying-to-rip-you-off smirk. 
On a recent poll taken, his likability was down among Nationals fans (and yes, they had to search long and hard for a Nationals fan). But he’s looking for a new product to swindle people into believing works — and the Washington baseball team may just be that product.




Matthew Lesko is the  goof wearing the question marks all over his clothes. He’s always talking about how people can “borrow” from the government — “For FREE!”  Some people have called him a rip-off artist and a loser — and we call those people ”us.”
But the Nationals believe if he can trick people into actually thinking the government gives money away for free, he can also trick people  into rooting for the Nationals.


Tony Little is best known for his extremely tight spandex workout suits and his well-kept hairband coif. His product, the Gazell, is a mock space-aged contraption that has people looking like fools before they have the opportunity to lose weight.
But if Little can get people to hop on the Gazell and look absolutely ridiculous, perhaps he can get them to hop on the Nationals bandwagon so they ridiculous at the ballpark, too.
(Check out the video to see the “celebrity” spokesperson who swears by the Gazell — former WWE wrestler, the Genius!)