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Bayonne girl perfect fit for the Mets

24 Apr

girlperfect.jpgEarlier this week, 12-year-old Mackenzie Brown became the first girl in Bayonne Little League history to throw a perfect game. The amazing accomplishment did not go unnoticed by the New York Mets, who have asked her to throw out the first pitch on Saturday.

The Max’s investigative reporting department is also looking into rumors that Mets general manager Omar Minaya plans on offering Brown a contract to replace, well, basically any of his starting pitchers (sans Johan Santana).

If Citi bails, what do the Mets name their ballpark?

3 Feb

Not great news for the seventeen Mets fans left on planet Earth. Seems as if Citigroup may be trying to weasel out of its deal with the “other” New York baseball team. That would leave an issue seeing as the name of the ballpark is supposed to be Citi Field.

That got us thinking about what the name would be if Citi decides to — no pun intended – bailout of the deal. 

Possible Names:


  • Bankrupt Field
  • Advertisers Wanted Park
  • Please Buy Tix Stadium
  • Yes, the Mets Still Have a Team SportsPlex

Saying really mean things with pretty photos

16 Jan
We’re really not mean-spirited guys over here at The Max. Calling us that would be a major misconception. But we do have a few things to say that aren’t so nice. So to soften the blow, we added some aesthetically pleasing photos, hence the extremely creative title of this post: Saying really mean things with pretty photos.




Colbert joins club, rips Mets

16 Jan

In a recent edition of The Colbert Report, Steve Colbert joined in on the fun of destroying the Mets for their ridiculous new commemorative patch. In his rant, he also shows a screen grab from Yahoo! Sports where the site compares the logo to the Domino’s Pizza logo. Over the past week, it appears everybody is giving credit to Yahoo! for coming up with this (Not for nothing, but The Max posted the same exact thing 3 HOURS prior to Yahoo! Check it out).

Check out the time stamp. We posted at 12:50 p.m. Our first comment was at 2:08 p.m. They posted after 5 p.m. (seen here). Not that we are bitter or anything. We’re still big fans of Yahoo’s Big League Stew, and always will be. We would just like a reply to the email we sent to them. That’s all (the e-mail was very friendly, by the way).

Oh yeah, the video. Here’s it is:

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Change the Brooklyn Cyclones can believe in

13 Jan

cyclones.jpgNo, Barack Obama isn’t pulling a Michael Jordan and swapping one career for another. He’s also not pulling a Dick Cheney and getting what he wants with bully tactics.

In honor of soon-to-be President Obama, the Brooklyn Cyclones — a Class A affiliate of the New York Mets — will change their name to the “Baracklyn Cyclones” for their June 23rd game. They’ll also pass out Obama bobbleheads to the first 2,500 people that show up.

“Steve Cohen, our GM there, came up with it, and Dave Howard worked with him on it,” Mets chief operating office Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday. “I said, if you
think this is going to be good for ticket sales… let’s
go. It created a little bit of excitement.”

The bobbleheads aren’t all the Cyclones are doing: They’re also scaling back ticket prices to $5-$10 bucks from Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day — through Jan. 23., passing out Band-Aids to the first 1,000 fans as part of the “Universal Health Care” promotion, offering free bleacher seats to anybody named McCain or Palin and free entry to people named Barack. Oh, and Plumbers named Joe get two free tickets, too.

However, it should be noted that anyone with the name Bernie or Madoff will be ejected immediately. (Too soon for that joke, Mr. Wilpon?)

Mystery team opening new mystery stadium

12 Jan

metsinaug.jpgBaseball memorabilia collectors everywhere are scratching their heads wondering what the heck this commemorative patch is all about. By looking at the logo alone, we can surmise that some sort of sports team (or maybe TV show) will be doing something new in 2009. That’s it!

For those of you who simply cannot wait any longer, we’ll kill the suspense and let you in on what the logo is all about: It’s a patch to commemorate the opening of Citi Field. Can you believe it? Who thought this was a good idea? For starters, it doesn’t even have the team name on it, not to mention the stadium name. A photo or rendering of the stadium wouldn’t hurt either.

At least the Domino’s logo (which the Mets’ logo was clearly patterned after) shows an actual domino. That’s marketing 101, by the way:

Finally, for those of you wondering how a good commemorative patch should look, just take a peek across town: