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Huge fight scheduled (if you own a DeLorean)

14 Oct

ksrock.jpgAccording to Michael Woods (ESPN.com), Ken and Frank Shamrock have signed to face each other in an MMA showdown:

“There are plenty of particulars to iron out, like the date (probably sometime in April), the venue (none has been chosen) and the promotional and broadcast partners to be involved (Elite XC, CBS, and Showtime, with perhaps some other co-promoters), before what is believed to be the first brother vs. brother faceoff in fight history becomes a 100 percent done deal.”

Well, it looks like the Shamrock family feud is finally going to get ironed out. The only problem is that the fight is coming 10 years after their prime. At this point, unless Kenny can talk Doc Brown into borrowing his DeLorean, there is little reason for any of us to care.

Even worse is the scheduling of this contest. With Kimberly Slice recently getting destroyed by a relatively unknown whose 15 minutes are already up, this fight just reeks of desperation. Furthermore, the brother vs. brother thing looks more like a Vince McMahon creation than an MMA battle. Next thing we know, Ken & Frank are going to mysteriously make amends in order to take on brothers Undertaker & Kane in a steel cage match.

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