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Id rather be…

24 Jan

aon.jpgBy now, you’ve probably already heard that Avery Johnson has turned down the Memphis Grizzlies head coaching job. (Who could blame him?) But what you may not know is that the former Dallas Mavericks head honcho has a list of 10 other sports-related jobs that he would rather have than the Grizzlies gig. Through a process we can’t reveal here, we were able to secure a copy of the list:

10. Eddy Curry’s limo driver
9. Kimbo Slice’s sparring partner
8. NBA drug test urine collector
7. San Diego Chicken
6. Tim McCarver’s hair stylist
5. Roger Clemens’ trainer
4. Donovan McNabb’s lawn care specialist
3. Assistant coach at The Covenant School
2. Sean Avery’s girlfriend
1. Anything with the Arena Football League (or WNBA… same thing)

Kimbo Slice is not getting any smarter

16 Dec

Apparently, Kimbo Slice wasn’t paying much attention during geography class. In this video, KS expresses his love for the city of Japan. We also hear his favorite color is four.

Surfing The Web

7 Nov

We’re pleased to report that our e-mail box is overflowing with positive responses for our Friday Surfing The Web feature. However, it does concern us a bit that one of our most popular regular features is about other sites’ greatness. Oh well. As always, here’s a few links to help you be unproductive at work. Enjoy:

The Sports Hernia has found Kenyon Martin’s girlfriend. Continue…

Mental Floss wants to know if you can name 18 World Series MVPs in five minutes (Here’s a hint: You cant!). Continue…

Mouthpiece likes to make fun of people more successful than them just as much as we do. Continue…

The Morning Call reports that a woman died at a Blackhawks game. Ironically, her mother did the same in 1986. No joke. Continue…

WWE has posted cheats for its upcoming game. However, we wonder who would actually want to play as Jillian Hall. Continue…

We hate the Dallas Cowboys, but love their cheerleaders. Thanks, Si.com. Continue…

Sports Crackle Pop has a not-so-newsworthy story about Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. But we liked the photo. Continue…

YouTube Video of the Week
More than ever, we want to be LeBron James when we grow up.


YouTube Video of the Week II, The Sequel
Pretty much anything with Tracy Morgan is funny, but this one reveals his relation to Kimberly “Kimbo” Slice.

Huge fight scheduled (if you own a DeLorean)

14 Oct

ksrock.jpgAccording to Michael Woods (ESPN.com), Ken and Frank Shamrock have signed to face each other in an MMA showdown:

“There are plenty of particulars to iron out, like the date (probably sometime in April), the venue (none has been chosen) and the promotional and broadcast partners to be involved (Elite XC, CBS, and Showtime, with perhaps some other co-promoters), before what is believed to be the first brother vs. brother faceoff in fight history becomes a 100 percent done deal.”

Well, it looks like the Shamrock family feud is finally going to get ironed out. The only problem is that the fight is coming 10 years after their prime. At this point, unless Kenny can talk Doc Brown into borrowing his DeLorean, there is little reason for any of us to care.

Even worse is the scheduling of this contest. With Kimberly Slice recently getting destroyed by a relatively unknown whose 15 minutes are already up, this fight just reeks of desperation. Furthermore, the brother vs. brother thing looks more like a Vince McMahon creation than an MMA battle. Next thing we know, Ken & Frank are going to mysteriously make amends in order to take on brothers Undertaker & Kane in a steel cage match.

BallHype: hype it up!

Surfing the web

10 Oct

Hey, it’s Friday and you’re probably sitting in your cubicle looking for things to do other than your actual job. Well, The Max is here to save the day. Here are some interesting web findings that should eat up a few hours of your day. Good luck the rest of the way:

Carlos Beltran coming to the Yanks? Peter Abraham offers his thoughts on the proposed deal. Continue…

Michael Wilbon is the only man alive with a logical reason why Kimbo Slice dropped like a ton of bricks last week. Continue…

Neiman Marcus wants to give you a Dallas Cowboys end zone for the very affordable price of $500,000. Continue…

FJM has a strong opinion on those who think K-Rod should be AL MVP. Continue…

The Popcorn Trick has found the hottest girls George Costanza has ever dated. Continue…

YouTube Baseball Video of the Week
Ben and Nate can’t come to terms with the A’s moving out of Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (or whatever it’s called nowadays). So in protest, they ghostride their Volvo. Seriously, some good stuff here: