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What to do with that Stephon Marbury Fathead wall decal…

25 Feb

stephmarbury022409.jpgSomeone we know bought a Stephon Marbury Fathead wall decal after Starbury got traded to the Knicks. Yep, we’re serious. We’re willing to bet the same dude probably forked over loot for a Snuggie, a Garden City Griller and the OxiClean, too. 

So now that Farcebury is out of New York, our buddy asked us: “What do I do with my Fathead”
Here’s a few  solutions we came up with:
  1. handlebar2.jpgColor over Steph’s face with permanent marker and give him a “petit handlebar” mustache (as seen here)
  2. Use it as a huge dartboard
  3. Burn it in effigy in the driveway and e-mail us a photo
Your turn. What do you think he should do with his Marbury Fathead?