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Rock, Paper, Scissors coming to baseball?

6 Nov

A late-breaking story Thursday revealed that some baseball general manager’s want Wild-Card tiebreakers to be decided by performance rather than a coin flip.

C’mon, judging by performance? This isn’t American Idol, it’s baseball. It’s America’s pastime. It’s what keeps my television occupied from May-October. It’s the sport that gives young kids a dream that they can be a World Series hero and get paid millions of dollars. (That is, until they get past the age of 13 and realize that scenario’s about as probable as the Lions getting a Super Bowl ring.)

The point is, a performance-based mode of judgment isn’t what’s needed. Instead, we need something based on skill, and there’s no better way to test someone’s skills than to challenge them to a best-of-three game of Rock, Paper Scissors. It’s quick, and ties never last.

Forgot how to play? Here is a refresher of the rules:


To let the baseball GM’s know they’re wrong, The Max is starting a fictional online petition, and we’re putting everyone’s name on it that sends us and email to show their support. All you need to do is send an email to this address and we’ll take care of the rest: themax_blog@ymail.com