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Tommy Maddox next years NFL MVP?

11 Nov

maddox.jpgAfter Kurt Warner’s 328-yard performance against the 49ers this week, many members of the New York media have already awarded the former Giants quarterback the MVP award. Ironically, the other two contenders might just be Kerry Collins and Eli Manning.

What do the three of these men have in common? They’ve all been backup quarterbacks for the G-Men at some point in their careers. When news of this reached Tommy Maddox, the former Giants QB reportedly began warming up his ol’ pigskin slinger in hopes of landing a quarterback job next season.

The only problem is, other than the Detroit Lions, no team in their right mind would employ the former backup. Why is that, you ask? No, it’s not because he’s 37 years old. The real answer is after the jump. Be sure to click the link below.

Anybody dumb enough to hold this trophy up with pride should not be looking for a new job… instead, they should be getting their head examined! Vince McMahon and football just don’t mesh. Just look at what he did for hockey.