Surfing The Web

7 Nov

We’re pleased to report that our e-mail box is overflowing with positive responses for our Friday Surfing The Web feature. However, it does concern us a bit that one of our most popular regular features is about other sites’ greatness. Oh well. As always, here’s a few links to help you be unproductive at work. Enjoy:

The Sports Hernia has found Kenyon Martin’s girlfriend. Continue…

Mental Floss wants to know if you can name 18 World Series MVPs in five minutes (Here’s a hint: You cant!). Continue…

Mouthpiece likes to make fun of people more successful than them just as much as we do. Continue…

The Morning Call reports that a woman died at a Blackhawks game. Ironically, her mother did the same in 1986. No joke. Continue…

WWE has posted cheats for its upcoming game. However, we wonder who would actually want to play as Jillian Hall. Continue…

We hate the Dallas Cowboys, but love their cheerleaders. Thanks, Continue…

Sports Crackle Pop has a not-so-newsworthy story about Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. But we liked the photo. Continue…

YouTube Video of the Week
More than ever, we want to be LeBron James when we grow up.


YouTube Video of the Week II, The Sequel
Pretty much anything with Tracy Morgan is funny, but this one reveals his relation to Kimberly “Kimbo” Slice.

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