8-bit insanity Lions defense?

10 Nov
This 99-yard run is incredible. It’s amazing. It’s insane. It’s unbelievable! And it’s all caught on Nintendo’s eye-pleasing 8-bit graphics. And while you may watch this clip in total disbelief, we urge you not to be as surprised when Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams does the same thing to the Detroit Lions “defense” this coming Sunday (yes, the Lions still have a team).
Watch the crowd go wild as Raiders running back Bo Jackson dominates the Patriots’ defense in this once-in-a-lifetime TD run. Of course, the people in the crowd going wild don’t appear to have faces, they’re all wearing plain red, blue or yellow shirts, the cheerleaders make the same robotic movements in unison on a continuous loop and the players on the field look like blobs of color and don’t have numbers on their jerseys. Yeah, we miss playing our Nintendo consoles as much as you do.
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