Surfing the web

20 Nov

Wow, that was close. You almost did some work while at the office today, didn’t you? Well, have no fear, The Max is here! Below are some moderately amusing links that should help occupy your Friday.

Page 2 wants to know if you’re as good a guy (or girl) as the painfully-moral golfer J.P.Hayes.

Big League Stew has found the guy with the biggest man-crush on Barry Bonds.

Cheerleaders: As always, you can count on to bring you images of your favorite leaders of the cheer. This time, it’s Tampa’s best.

Tirico Suave would like to congratulate Dustin Pedroia on winning the AL MVP.

The Model: Ever wonder where Rick “The Model” Martel ended up? Well, here’s your answer.

Shutdown Corner explains Deion Sanders’ lack of fashion perfectly.

YouTube Video of the Day
Everybody else is linking to this video, so why shouldn’t we? It’s the basketball dribbling 5-year-old.

3 Responses to “Surfing the web”

  1. metseptember at 2:43 pm #

    Any time you can update me on Rick “The Model” Martel, I’m good. Thanks guys. But what ever happened to the Gobbledy Gooker?

  2. juliasrants at 6:16 am #

    Glad you gents were able to resist the urge to work and to help us all at he same time.

  3. themaxblog at 3:00 pm #

    That’s what we’re here for, Julia, especially on Fridays. Who wants to work on Fridays?

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