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Superman and soccer don’t mix

5 May

Check out this guy’s superman move…

Famous sports fans (Part IV)

13 Mar

This is it, folks. This is the final installment of our “Famous Sports Fans” series. Well, that’s not necessarily true. If we’re pressed for time and need a quick post, this franchise can easily be resurrected. We didn’t even pull out Dwight Schrute (Scranton-Wilkes Barre Red Barons) or Captain Jack Sparrow (Pittsburgh Pirates) yet.

Part IV: The pilot of the Millennium Falcon, a fast-food eating blob of purple, the coolest superhero ever and a real American hero round out the list.


Part III: A Friday night mainstay on ABC’s TGIF lineup, the coolest guy at Bayside High School, the Yankees’ worst employee ever and the host of California’s wildly popular talk show, “Wake Up, San Francisco.”


Part II: This installment includes royalty, the king of observational
humor, a dude who wears Coke-bottle lenses and a cartoon dad who only
has two strands of hair.


Part I: From the man who scored four touchdowns in one game for the Polk High Panthers in the 1966 city championship against Andrew Johnson High to the guy who made stupid animal grunts while breaking machines with Al Borland, here are some famous sports fans The Max found in the vault (also known to some as “The Internets”).


Boy may quit soccer after incident with father

26 Feb

We’re hoping the incident in this video didn’t create an awful association for this young man. We hope he got over the embarrassment and continued to practice … but we couldn’t blame him if he never wanted to touch a soccer ball again for fear he may see flashback to this image: 

Clip length: 20 seconds

Stuck in the states?

4 Feb

davidbeck.jpgAccording to the wildly-popular Goal.com, it looks like the mystery of where David Beckham will be playing soccer may reach its conclusion. The web site claims the mega-star’s contract might force him to stay in L.A. (but we only scanned the article, so who knows?). This is clearly good news for the 12 American soccer fans out there, and even better news for us, as it gives us an excuse to post photos of Posh Spice under the “this is news” umbrella. And because we are equal-opportunity posters, we also gave you ladies a photo of David to peer at (above). You’re welcome.





Please stop talking, Reggie Miller

15 Jan

reggie.jpg Not that The Max would ever misunderestimate Barack Obama’s talents on anything, but when Reggie Miller recently told CNN he believes Obama’s basketball skills may offer clues to his style of leadership, we had to slap Miller with a technical.

C’mon Reg, seriously? Someone here at The Max had a roommate in college who was a a local legend when it came to playing Madden football on the PlayStation 2, but that didn’t mean the couch potato was capable of leading the University’s football team to victory in the NCAA title game. (Another Max reporter’s ex-roommate was also a pro at Grand Theft Auto, yet he never hot-wired a car in his life. Go figure.)

Miller also said he wouldn’t mind “picking [Obama] up on my squad” in a pickup game.

Well, that we agree with. The general rule of thumb is as follows: If the most powerful guy in the land wants to play, you put him on your team, and you let him shoot from halfcourt if he wants to. Even if Obama said he planned to shoot with his feet and dribble with his elbows, you still put him in your starting five.

But Miller had more to say: “[Obama] makes sure that everyone gets involved, and that’s the kind of point guard I want. Those are guys like Magic Johnson, Mark Jackson, John Stockton, it’s not all about them; it’s about let’s
make sure our team is good. He’s going to get the ball to everyone.”

Whoa boy. We get that Miller is trying to relate Obama to some greats people will know, but even mentioning Obama’s b-ball skills in the same sentence as Magic or Stockton is like saying the goalie in this video has a shot at making varsity.

An image that would make Mr. Miyagi proud

14 Nov

You’re probably looking at this picture thinking the same thing we were: Cool! It’s the final scene in 1984’s smash-hit movie, The Karate Kid! 

karatekid.jpgTo see just how close Ireland’s Liam Miller (aka Liam-son) and Brazil’s Silva Gilberto (left) were to creating a flawless rendition of the classic battle between Daniel LaRusso and Cobra Kai’s Johnny Lawrence, watch the video we’ve posted below.

Warning: Watching Daniel “The Karate Kid” LaRusso in action may cause you to leap out of your seat, perform martial arts moves on an invisible opponent and generally disrupt other people who are pretending to be busy near your workspace.

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