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Problem-prone Plaxico gets movie deal

28 Oct

Movie remakes have been invading theaters at a ferocious pace of late. And with the exception of Jessica Simpson prancing around in a bikini in The Dukes of Hazzard, there’s no real reason to run out and rent them. But that hasn’t stopped decision makers in Tinseltown from investing in remakes. Here’s a few you can look forward to in the near future:

    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Footloose
    • Friday the 13th
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Short Circuit
    • Howard Stern’s Porky’s
    • The Evil Dead
    • Tron

While The Max wasn’t too hyped for any of those listed above, there was one that captured our curiosity starring Plaxico Burress. Look out High School Musical 3, Plax is about to take over the box office: