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The latest fashion disaster in sports

30 Mar

From wearing too much eye-black to sporting goofy pastel-colored shirts (Tiger!), some dudes just don’t have good sense when it comes to fashion. Pulling off the aforementioned while keeping your dignity intact can be a stretch, but there’s just no redeeming qualities to this blockhead’s tennis racquet hat.

Even Andre Agassi’s Def Leopard headband and floppy mullet were cooler than this guy!*


*On second thought, maybe not…

Attention everyone: Andy Murray has left reality

16 Nov

We’re not sure what tennis star Andy Murray is doing in this picture, but we’ve put together two ideas:

  1. Eating an invisible apple (which looks like a Granny Smith brand).
  2. Trying to woo a potential love interest by showing how well he kisses air.

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(Unfortunately) Image is everything for Andre Agassi

26 Oct

Back when the built-in flash was a modern marvel, Canon ran an advertising campaign for their Rebel camera starring hunk-of-the-moment tennis sensation Andre Agassi. The slogan: Image is Everything. Unfortunately for Agassi, that happened to be true. Be warned that the string of images you see in this old commercial can be quite painful to watch.

*Please note: 8 seconds in where Fabio Jr. rips off his shirt and launches it into the canyon below, where we presume lots of Tuskan Raiders from “Star Wars” are waiting to battle over who gets to touch Agassi’s sweat rag.
*Also note: 15 seconds in as Mr. Image is laying poolside, catching some rays, wearing his Terminator sunglasses and fashionable neon pink swimsuit. 

Attention Sports Illustrated fans (and phone users)

23 Oct


Let it be known that we here at The Max appreciate Sports Illustrated. SI.com is one of the most comprehensive sports sites around and often the inspiration for us to work harder to find new, creative material. 
With that said, this is something that we have to mention: the awesomeness (is that a word?) surrounding their free gift for subscription back when corded phones were all the rave, the Shoe Phone. 
As far as free things go, this ranks right up there with credit reports (those commercials are great), ringtones, samples and upgrades.
But we have to wonder how many goofballs that received this sweet gift wore the shoe around and then had someone call it so they could take it off for the big finish. Hilarity ensured, I’m sure.
Here is the original commercial for the foot-warming freebie. I’m not sure if it was gimmicked, but the reaction of these people are pretty entertaining. 

Just wait until we find a good photo and video of the football phone. The awesomeness of that freebie puts this one to shame.

Just joking

21 Oct

kobe.jpgThese jokes are acceptable to use at your next cocktail party:
Q:  Do you know why the Cincinnati Bengals were the last NFL team to get a website?
A: Because they couldn’t put three W’s in a row.

Q. Why did Ron Artest leave the game early?
A. He wanted to beat the crowd.

This one is a tossup: 
Q: Why should you never marry a tennis player?
A: Because to them love means nothing. 

Under no circumstances, even if it would save planet earth from an alien space attack, should you ever use this one as an ice breaker with a Bombers fan, a dentist, or anyone:
Q:  What is the difference between Yankee fans and dentists?
A:  One roots for the Yanks, and the other yanks for the roots.