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New Yankee Stadium PS3 footage

14 Jan

Check out how the new Yankee Stadium looks on PS3. Looks like it still has that “old Stadium” feel, especially down the lines:


Thanks to MTV for unknowingly allowing us to steal this video.

Mystery team opening new mystery stadium

12 Jan

metsinaug.jpgBaseball memorabilia collectors everywhere are scratching their heads wondering what the heck this commemorative patch is all about. By looking at the logo alone, we can surmise that some sort of sports team (or maybe TV show) will be doing something new in 2009. That’s it!

For those of you who simply cannot wait any longer, we’ll kill the suspense and let you in on what the logo is all about: It’s a patch to commemorate the opening of Citi Field. Can you believe it? Who thought this was a good idea? For starters, it doesn’t even have the team name on it, not to mention the stadium name. A photo or rendering of the stadium wouldn’t hurt either.

At least the Domino’s logo (which the Mets’ logo was clearly patterned after) shows an actual domino. That’s marketing 101, by the way:

Finally, for those of you wondering how a good commemorative patch should look, just take a peek across town:

Haters take note: The Yankees are, in fact, tightening their wallets

18 Dec

We’ve had enough! Every time we turn around, there’s somebody bashing the Yankees for spending money like it’s growing on trees. Sure these people have every right to voice their opinions, but the truth is they are dead wrong. In fact, the Yankees appear to be more worried about the bottom line than any other team in baseball, including the Twins, Padres and Royals.

You need proof? The Max has learned that CC’s gigantic contract is not just for toeing the rubber every five days. In fact, it’s written into the agreement that the big man must also help in the building of the new Yankee Stadium:


Here’s a photo of the new Yankees ace as he prepares to put the bench in place in the new dugout. After that, he went on to finalize the electrical work for the new scoreboard and install the fryers in the left field food court.

So there you have it, Yankees haters. Turns out the Bombers are more fiscally responsible than you thought.