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Inside the mind of The Max, part 6

11 Mar

Here’s the newest set of questions that have been occupying our every
thought. Let us know if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

  • ned.jpgWho’s gonna tell the Netherlands that they misspelled their own name on their WBC uniforms?
  • Now that Joba Chamberlain had a good start (against the Reds Tuesday), can we all stop worrying about if he’s going to be any good this season?
  • Should we instead focus on CC Sabathia getting knocked around by the Tigers today (sarcasm)?
  • Did you know that if a WBC game goes into extra innings, baserunners are automatically placed on first and second base? No joke. Sounds more dumb than the NFL’s overtime rules.
  • When will NFL teams stop giving Terrell Owens opportunities? Poor Trent Edwards.
  • Is it OK that we lost just a little bit of respect for Lawrence Taylor after watching him on Dancing with the Stars?
  • If Sean Avery isn’t going to be the same controversial Sean Avery, shouldn’t the Rangers just send him packing … again? No sense in employing a bruiser if he’s gonna act like a girl.
  • Why aren’t you following us on Twitter?

Financial crisis hits the Bombers

14 Feb

Many in the baseball community believed that the mighty Yankees were recession proof. This photo, however, proves otherwise. Apparently, pitchers A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia have been forced to share a glove in an attempt to save money. 

(Just kidding… we don’t want the YES web guy calling and asking us to take this post down)


CC gets Raw

10 Feb

ccraw.jpgJust days before reporting to Spring Training in Tampa, CC Sabathia took in some WWE action. The new Yankees pitcher was spotted backstage at Monday Night Raw yesterday where he posed with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena.

Don’t turn your back CC, Cena’s a Red Sox fan. He might clobber you with that belt when the ref’s not looking. For more photos, go to WWE.com.

Surfing the web

19 Dec

We’ve somehow made it to another Friday, which means The Max is here to help you be as unproductive at work as possible. Here are some great links that will help you waste away your work day:

Did you know the New York Mets were almost called the New York Bees? It’s true. Check out Mental Floss for a full list of team names that almost were.

The Sports Hernia takes a look at athletic brothers and their notable accomplishments. We’re not sure if it was intentional (it so was), but our favorite part was when they referred to Venus and Serena Williams as brothers. The Sports Hernia…

Buffalo Bills QB J.P. Losman caught on camera getting cozy with a young lady. Sports Crunch…

Peter Abraham does a great job breaking down how the CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett signings came to be. Check it out at LoHud.

Did David Wright and Erin Andrews cuddle up for the cameras? Deadspin…

Julia (of Julia’s Rants fame) is certainly looking at the no Tex in Boston situation with great optimism. Julia…

YouTube Video of Week
Zack Morris practically lived at The Max. But you never really saw Mr. Belding there, until now. Here he is singing karaoke with Brooke Hogan of all people.

Haters take note: The Yankees are, in fact, tightening their wallets

18 Dec

We’ve had enough! Every time we turn around, there’s somebody bashing the Yankees for spending money like it’s growing on trees. Sure these people have every right to voice their opinions, but the truth is they are dead wrong. In fact, the Yankees appear to be more worried about the bottom line than any other team in baseball, including the Twins, Padres and Royals.

You need proof? The Max has learned that CC’s gigantic contract is not just for toeing the rubber every five days. In fact, it’s written into the agreement that the big man must also help in the building of the new Yankee Stadium:


Here’s a photo of the new Yankees ace as he prepares to put the bench in place in the new dugout. After that, he went on to finalize the electrical work for the new scoreboard and install the fryers in the left field food court.

So there you have it, Yankees haters. Turns out the Bombers are more fiscally responsible than you thought.