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If only a home run were this easy…

4 Mar

Imagine this scene on Opening Day… Of course, the players wouldn’t look like 8-bit color blobs in person, but you get what we’re trying to say.

Whos cooler: Lance Armstrong or guy from Excitebike?

18 Feb

Who would you rather be seen riding around town with the incredibly cool, awesome, radical, tubular guy from Nintendo’s Excitebike … or Lance Armstrong? It’s one of those “What if C-A-T really spelled D-O-G” type of questions to some, but we feel it can reaveal a lot about your personality. Personally, we’d rather be with a cool, awesome, radical, tubular guy who speeds around on a moped. How about you?



Still can’t make up your mind? Watch this one-minute clip and see someone absolutely livin’ on the edge by taking Excitebike to the EXTREME.

8-bit insanity Lions defense?

10 Nov
This 99-yard run is incredible. It’s amazing. It’s insane. It’s unbelievable! And it’s all caught on Nintendo’s eye-pleasing 8-bit graphics. And while you may watch this clip in total disbelief, we urge you not to be as surprised when Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams does the same thing to the Detroit Lions “defense” this coming Sunday (yes, the Lions still have a team).
Watch the crowd go wild as Raiders running back Bo Jackson dominates the Patriots’ defense in this once-in-a-lifetime TD run. Of course, the people in the crowd going wild don’t appear to have faces, they’re all wearing plain red, blue or yellow shirts, the cheerleaders make the same robotic movements in unison on a continuous loop and the players on the field look like blobs of color and don’t have numbers on their jerseys. Yeah, we miss playing our Nintendo consoles as much as you do.
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Here we go

3 Oct

Ok, I just got a call from the web guy at YESNetwork.com who told me that he was ready for me and my brother to start updating The Max. The only problem is, that despite knowing that we would be doing this for more than two weeks, we are completely unprepared. But that’s not going to stop me from earning a paycheck.

For this first-ever entry at The Max (no, we don’t serve burgers here. This isn’t Saved By the Bell), I figured I’d provide you guys with some of the items I found to be very witty this week on the web. This will help you get an idea of what we will be doing here at The Max.

The Simpsons softball quiz: In the history of television, there are few shows better than The Simpsons. And it doesn’t get any better than when Wade Boggs, Jose Conseco, Don Mattingly and others joined Monty Burns’ softball team. Check out the quiz here.

Bugs and Cranks examines why Jerry Manuel will not re-up with the Mets. Continue…

Nintendo has announced that it is bringing back classic boxing game Punch-out (probably sans Mike Tyson). Continue…


The Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders are still hot (not shocking). Continue…

Sure Mark Teixeira isn’t on the Braves anymore, and this video is mad dated, but I’ve been watching it once a month for the past year. Makes me laugh every time. Continue…

Ok, so that was my weak attempt at a first entry. We’ll do better next week, I promise. If you have a funny link you would like us to link to, just send me an email at maxwelljack@live.com. Or just send me an email to tell me you were less than entertained by the above links. I don’t care either way.