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Mans best friend — and running partner

6 Mar

This dog’s owner trains for marathons and drags his furry best friend on all of his jaunts. The problem is that now the pup can’t relax while he takes a catnap. (Or would it be dognap?) The good thing is that the scenario has provided us with a great video. Enjoy.

Clip length: 24 seconds (and well worth viewing)

Oh, how the times have changed

5 Mar

Ever wonder just how different things are now from way back when? We did, too. So here you go. Enjoy.


Celebrations 101: Dont fall over

5 Mar

We feel like this is a no-brainer, but apparently, it’s not. If you fall over or knock someone down during a celebration, it’s pretty much ruined.

Clip length: 37 seconds

If only a home run were this easy…

4 Mar

Imagine this scene on Opening Day… Of course, the players wouldn’t look like 8-bit color blobs in person, but you get what we’re trying to say.

Wrestling Hall of Shame

4 Mar

For some inexplicable reason, on the rare occasion we post wrestling content, we get many emails asking us to do more. For the life of us, we can’t figure out why this is. In response to these emails, we have decided that we will NOT do any wrestling analysis. Who really cares anyway? It’s fake.

What we will do, however, is very quickly every Wednesday induct a new embarrassing wrestling moment into the prestigious Max Wrestling Hall of Shame. Hopefully, this whets some of your appetites while we spend our time focusing on real sports.

This week’s induction: Fake Diesel
After losing former WWE Champion Diesel to rival WCW, WWE found a Diesel lookalike and paraded him out to the ring as if nothing had happened. The person they dressed as Diesel later turned out to be a sure-fire Hall of Shamer Isaac Yankem … the same guy who eventually settled on the persona of Kane. Take a look:

Past Inductions:

Feb. 25, 2009: Vince McMahon singing “Stand Back”
If you thought his work at the announce table was cringe-worthy, just wait until you see VKM singing at the Slammy Awards.


Feb. 18, 2009: RoboCop

hard enough to find people who thought the RoboCop movie was a good
idea, let alone find a single living being who believed the tin-can
cop’s appearance in WCW during the early 1990s was worth watching. (And
people wonder why WCW went out of business.)

At the Capitol
Combat pay-per-view, RoboCop — moving at the speed of an injured snail
— came to his buddy Sting’s aide, rescuing him from a “steel” cage.
See for yourself:


Feb. 11, 2009: The Shockmaster
Luckily, we found a video
that explains the whole situation… saves us from having to type about
a fake sport. Give it a watch; it’s sad and funny all at once.

Be sure to check back next Wednesday for the latest induction. Also, feel free to leave some nominations below.

Inside the mind of The Max, part 5

3 Mar

Here’s the newest set of questions that have been occupying our every
thought. Let us know if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

  • phithm.jpgHow fast do you think Phil Hughes will be traded if he accidentally beans Derek Jeter in today’s Yankees vs. USA game? We’re guessing he’s gone by the sixth inning.
  • Are we the only ones that don’t expect Jim Leyland to make it the full season as Tigers manager?
  • Don’t you think Shaq could afford to miss a few meals … or at least have a salad?
  • Speaking of people who could miss a meal or two, does WWE really expect us to pay $50 to see Big Show in the main event of WrestleMania? Yawn!
  • What’s going to happen when the A’s are 1 game back at the trade deadline? Will Holliday still be on the team?
  • Aren’t you tired of the A’s trading away their stars for young, albeit talented, prospects? One of these days, they have to stop thinking about the future and start winning now, right?
  • If there are no ads, and no premium service, how does Twitter make money?