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Inside the mind of The Max, part 8

9 Apr

Here’s the newest set of questions that have been occupying our every
thought. Let us know if you’re thinking what we’re thinking.

  • wwwaaa.jpgDid you really expect the Yankees to go 162-0? Let’s just settle for 160-2 and move on.
  • Why is it big news that Terrell Owens reported to late to Bills voluntary workouts? It would be bigger news if he reported on time, don’t you think?
  • Do you find Kimberly Jones and Bob Lorenz‘s blogs as refreshing as we do? More baseball personalities should do this.
  • France’s anti-doping agency claims Lance Armstrong broke its rules. Do you care? We sure as heck don’t. Go away, Lance.
  • Shouldn’t we all take it easy on Joba Chamberlain (regarding his comments, not the whole DUI thing)? We’ve all said stupid things in the past. Heck, The Max posts stupid things on this blog all the time. It doesn’t mean we don’t love Yogi.
  • After one inning in Texas today, Carl Pavano gave up five earned runs. Maybe we should be happy that he rarely pitched for the Yankees, right? No, we’re not bitter.
  • As we write this, Mark Teixeira just went yard. OK Baltimore, you now have a reason to boo him. (So that wasn’t in the form of a question. What is this, jeopardy?)

Protest: Get new wheels, Lance Armstrong!

19 Feb

Lance Armstrong got his one-of-a-kind bike jacked this week, but the perps didn’t know that Armstrong is a Twitter-er. (Just like The Max!) The bike got recovered and everyone was thrilled, especially the Twitter people who now can boast about how great their product is.

Unfortunately, we’re not so happy. You see, when we saw the bike that was recovered we expected it to have rockets on the side or sharp knives for wheel spokes. But it was just a regular bike with two wheels, some pedals, a chain and handlebars. This is why we thought we’d give Lance the opportunity to save a few fans by choosing one of these five new bikes to race from now on.

Which one do you think suits Lance best?


Whos cooler: Lance Armstrong or guy from Excitebike?

18 Feb

Who would you rather be seen riding around town with the incredibly cool, awesome, radical, tubular guy from Nintendo’s Excitebike … or Lance Armstrong? It’s one of those “What if C-A-T really spelled D-O-G” type of questions to some, but we feel it can reaveal a lot about your personality. Personally, we’d rather be with a cool, awesome, radical, tubular guy who speeds around on a moped. How about you?



Still can’t make up your mind? Watch this one-minute clip and see someone absolutely livin’ on the edge by taking Excitebike to the EXTREME.