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Man, 73, scores in college hoops game

6 Nov

mink.jpgA 73-year-old full-time student from Knoxville, Tenn. netted two points in a college junior varsity game on Monday, the AP reported (see story below). 

The man, Ken Mink, last played in a college game 52 years ago before joining the Roane State Community College squad this season. 

Following the game, Mink had plenty to say about his accomplishment, but skirted around two questions:
1) Did you used to play with peach baskets for hoops?
2) Have the Knicks contacted you to replace Stephon Marbury yet?
Below is the actual story. See, The Max doesn’t exaggerate everything (except all other photos or information that gets posted).


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The election is over! We have ourselves a winner…

4 Nov
The votes have been tallied and the people have spoken: The biggest waste of 19,195,312 million dollars in the long, long history of money wasting is…. 

Exit polls confirm that underachieving, lack of production and ugly tattoos all contributed to the landslide outcome for the candidate best suited for “The Biggest Money-Wasting Ballplayer in History.” Congrats, Steph. 

Fun With Numbers

3 Nov

As we do every Monday, The Max offers an in-depth look at the most important numbers of the past week in sports and entertainment. Take a look:


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DAntoni controversy cleared up

30 Oct

While watching the Knicks’ season opener Wednesday night, there were many things that caught us by surprise. First, the Knickerbockers actually won. Wow, they’ve almost reached their win total from last year. But let’s not congratulate them so soon; it’s not like they were playing a real NBA team. After all, the Miami Heat would have trouble besting a WNBA sqaud at this point.

The second shocker was the fact that the Knicks’ fans were chanting “We want Steph!” We want Steph to what? Go away? Stop sleeping with interns? Stop quitting on his team like he did last season? What in the world do Knicks’ fans want Steph to do? We really wish they finished their chant because we find it hard to believe that they really wanted Steph to step on the court.

But even more shocking was all the attention head coach Mike D’Antoni recieved for his supposed crude comments in response to the fans’ chant. According to reports (and MSG cameras), MD’s reply to the chant was, “Are you BLEEPING kidding me?” Which was quickly followed by, “What a bunch of BLEEPS!”

One day later, D’Antoni is getting destroyed by the New York papers for his lude comments. We here at The Max find bashing D’Antoni out of line (Or at least premature. Let him lose a few first), especially since we know that he wasn’t really cursing. Our guess is that Oliver Stone is running MSG and is starting yet another one of his ridiculous conspiracy theories.

The truth is, according to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News today on The Michael Kay Show, D’Antoni goes out of his way not to curse. In fact, he gives his son $20 every time he accidentally partakes in a little potty-mouthing. This evidence leads us to believe that everybody has this story all wrong. So we rewound (or rewinded, whichever it is, if any) the tape, and here’s what we found. Damn you New York newspapers. You’ll make up anything for a story:



Clearly, fudge is not a curse word. What is this? The 1950s? Give the guy a pass on that one. Here’s what his above comments were followed by:


So there you have it — the truth behind the D’Antoni controversy. The moral of the story is don’t believe everything you read in the papers. Instead, get your hard-hitting journalism right here at The Max. And if you have a different thought on what MD might have said, simply leave a comment below… oh, wait. Our commenting functionality doesn’t work yet. But the YES web guy swears it will be up and running soon (he’s been saying that since Oct. 1, by the way).

Fun With Numbers

27 Oct

As we do every Monday, The Max offers an in-depth look at the most important numbers of the past week in sports and entertainment. Check out last week’s edition of Fun With Numbers here.