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Jerry Sloan and 20 years of change

10 Dec

The Max was reading the The Sporting Blog when an article reminded us of something — it’s been a 20-year relationship between Jerry Sloan and the Utah Jazz. Put it this way: gas was well over four bucks a gallon last year at this time, so how much have Jerry Sloan and the world changed since he started coaching the Utah Jazz back in 1988? Let’s take a look…

Jerry Sloan has certainly aged since ’88. Look at his old photo on the left. He had a nice, thick head of dark hair. The “now” picture isn’t so appealing with spaghetti strands clinging onto a a raisin-like scalp. We’re also predicting that he was a lot livelier and funnier back then, too. Kind of like that Jerry Seinfeld guy. He was funny at one point and penned a terrific TV show, but then started making stupid animated movies for kids. Lame.

The Air Jordan III’s could have been the kicks you wore while going to see any of these 1988 movies: “Die Hard,” “Rain Man,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,” “Naked Gun,” “Beetle Juice” or “Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.” 

Also, Michael Jordan was wearing these sneakers when he won he the ’88 dunk contest; Jordan also won the ’87 dunk contest, but he was wearing different shoes.
In October ’88, Kirk Gibson nailed a game-winning homer in Game 1 of the World Series against the  A’s for a 5-4 win. There may have been a cheesy “pulling the chain” thing going on in his celebration, too. At least he didn’t raise the roof. Kurt tried to raise it, he did, but as seen in this photo, he forgot how the rest went. Needless to say, the one-handed raise the roof never caught on, thankfully. L.A. went on to win the Series that year, by the way.
Everyone was clamoring for a Zack Morris-style phone as seen on the TV hit, Saved By the Bell. However, ’88 was during the Miss Bliss years, which by SBTB standards were lackluster. Nikki, Mikey, Mylo and Miss Bliss were awful characters, which is why the show dumped them and got a revamp by adding the man, A.C. Slater, into the mix. Slater didn’t have a phone. In fact, Zack was like the only guy in Bayside history to carry one around consistently. Now cell phones are everywhere. The point is that Zack Morris = trend setter.

This is probably what your computer looked like. Games like Oregon Trial and Number Munchers were played on the incredible widescreen display, and were the reason behind employees of The Max not having girlfriends from 1988-1990.

George H.W. Bush took over as president from Ronald Reagan after beating out Michael Dukakis. Bush and Reagan kind of look similar, except Reagan had better hair and eyebrows. There was some talk about taxes and how new ones wouldn’t be created, but we were young back then, so we didn’t really care. Anyway, those Reagan eyebrows are pretty sweet.  

Ted Turner bought the rights to the NWA wrestling promotion, which was later turned into World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which was later a rival to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which was later bought by WWE, which later gave WWE no competition, and we all know that removing competition leads to….
wcwlogo121108.jpgFrom what we were told, it was such a cute scene watching Brooke Hogan challenge her dad, Hulk Hogan, for the title belt moments after emerging from the womb. She even cut her own umbilical chord and flexed. What a precious moment in 1988 history…

When good mullets go bad

30 Oct

schintzius_med.jpgDwayne Schintzius certainly turned a lot of heads during his nine-year NBA career. Seriously, when he ran down the court people literally had to turn their head to shield their eyes as the greasy-mullet perched atop his head flopped around. We could forgive Schintzius for his bad hair if he had, say, the three-point touch of Larry Bird, who also owned a bee’s nest and rat tail. But Larry Legend Schintzius is not.


However, when it comes to which guy had a worse mullet, Schintzius or Bird, that’s up for grabs. But when it comes to naming which guy had the glare of a serial killer? We feel like there’s no argument on that.

JCVD: We can hear some of you now: “Hey! Jeanne-Claude Van Damme wasn’t an athlete! What gives?

OK, you got us. But he did play Frank Dux in the movie “Blood Sport,” and The Max loves that movie, so that gives JCVD an honorary membership into our post on totally rad mullets.


The pride and joy of The Max: A.C. Slater. His jheri-curl mullet may not have allowed him to score Kelly Kapowski (who later became Kelly Morris after marrying Zack), but Slater was the star of the Bayside Tiger’s wrestling team. A.C. was also part of his college wrestling team at California University. He as much as anyone belongs on this list, so congrats and welcome aboard, Albert Clifford.
We’ve been seeing a lot of Andre Agassi lately at The Max. There was the unforgivable Canon ad from the 1990’s and now here he is resembling a Boy George lookalike, sporting a dreamy mullet, a scruffy mug and a furry chest. Ugh. There’s few words we can use to describe this debacle of a picture, so we’ll just let the photo speak for itself.

We know he was once a member of the Yankees, but it’s impossible to keep him off the list: Randy Johnson. It’s bad enough he looks like Big Bird’s anorexic brother, but that hairdo is 

randy.jpgenough to make us forget he was dominant from the mound. (Whoops. Did we just say “was” dominant?)

We know we missed a few mullets, but don’t worry because The Max plans on revisiting some that didn’t make the list in the very near future. However, if there is someone you feel we absolutely must add, or if you want to tell us how much you love our work, please drop us a line: themax_blog@ymail.com. But be warned, dear readers, you might get an email back.