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The only way the WNBA could get us to watch

19 Feb


Just put Eliza Dushku out there in nice little outfits.

Id rather be…

24 Jan

aon.jpgBy now, you’ve probably already heard that Avery Johnson has turned down the Memphis Grizzlies head coaching job. (Who could blame him?) But what you may not know is that the former Dallas Mavericks head honcho has a list of 10 other sports-related jobs that he would rather have than the Grizzlies gig. Through a process we can’t reveal here, we were able to secure a copy of the list:

10. Eddy Curry’s limo driver
9. Kimbo Slice’s sparring partner
8. NBA drug test urine collector
7. San Diego Chicken
6. Tim McCarver’s hair stylist
5. Roger Clemens’ trainer
4. Donovan McNabb’s lawn care specialist
3. Assistant coach at The Covenant School
2. Sean Avery’s girlfriend
1. Anything with the Arena Football League (or WNBA… same thing)

Disturbing news from Houston

2 Dec

disturb.jpgAfter mistakenly clicking on the women’s basketball link on ESPN.com earlier today, The Max found the above disturbing news item. Apparently, there is a professional women’s basketball league out there called the WNBA. Who knew?

We are very upset to have learned of this news so late, especially since we always said that if there was a professional women’s basketball league, we would root for the Houston franchise. We obviously cannot do that now. Very, very disturbing.

The List: Top 10 dumbest pro sports team names

6 Nov

After watching the Oklahoma City Thunder’s recent home opener, The Max editorial staff began to debate if there was a worse name in the history of pro sports. We were shocked when we came up with a lengthy list of even more embarrassing names. Here’s our Top 10:

No. 10: Houston Texans

texans.jpgTo be honest, we actually don’t mind this name all that much, largely because those rotten residents of The Lone Star State have done such a great job branding themselves as tough guys. Nolan Ryan and Stone Cold Steve Austin immediately come to mind. But naming your team after the state you reside in seems just plain boring. We should probably be glad they don’t hail from Dix Hills, New Jersey. Do you think any NFL team would be afraid to see the Dix Hills New Jerseyans on their schedule? Or how about the Stamford Connecticutians?

No. 9: Washington Wizards
Cut the garbage and go back to the Bullets. Now, there’s a name with some umph! The Wizards? Sounds like their starting five should consist of a bunch of nose-picking Dungeons & Dragons dorks. Watch out, LeBron. Here comes Merlyn the Wizard. He might zap you with his super fake wand on his way to the hoop.

No. 8 (tie): Browns, Blues and Reds

browns.jpgSounds more like fall fashions than sports teams. And yes, we understand that these squads have a great deal of history behind them and that their names were created when such stupidity was actually applauded. But that doesn’t mean they should keep their names now. We also rode around in horse and buggies back then; does that mean we should abandon our cars? Perhaps we should just be happy that there is no Mauves or Aquas out there… yet!

No. 7: Utah Jazz
Ok, we’ve never been to Utah. Nor do we plan on going there any time soon (we have a hard enough time scoring one girl at a time). But we have a funny feeling that there isn’t a ton of jazz music being played in Utah. The name made sense when they called New Orleans home. But they don’t any more, so they should change their names just like the Oklahoma Thun… oh wait, never mind. That name stinks too.

No. 6: Denver Nuggets
We suppose that this is a play off of Denver’s wildly unpopular mining population. Sounds more like something left you know where after an unsuccessful flush.

No. 5: Chicago Cubs
We know, we know. The Cubs are a classic MLB team with a classic name… blah, blah, blah. You’re wrong! The name stinks. Essentially, they are calling themselves babies. Maybe the next expansion team should go by the Puppies or the Kittens.

No. 4: Charlotte Bobcats

bobs.jpgRumor has it that team founder Robert “Bob” Johnson chose the name Bobcats after himself, Bob. Talk about egotistical. Who would ever name anything they do for a living after themselves? By the way, isn’t The Max such a great name for this blog? Signed Jack Maxwell.

No. 3: Anaheim Ducks
What are they gonna do? Quack their opposition into submission? Even worse, they were named after a kids’ movie produced by Disney. Perhaps the Anaheim Cinderellas sounded too tough for them.

No. 2: Oakland Athletics
Athletics? So in translation, they are basically calling themselves the Oakland Sports. Or the Oakland Baseball. The only thing worse would have been naming the team the Oakland Athletes. And don’t even get us started on the A’s. You don’t see the Ducks calling themselves the D’s or the Bobcats going be the B’s or even the Mariners using the M’s… well, don’t compare yourself the Mariners. When was the last time they won a title?

No. 1: San Diego Padres

pads.jpgNothing strikes fear into opposition like a bunch of balding, overweight, elderly monks. A padre is a monk, right? Oh, who cares. This is the same squad looking to rid themselves of Jake Peavy over a divorce in the front office.


By now, you’re probably asking yourself why the Washington Mystics of WNBA didn’t make the list. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we chose to only focus on pro sports. Ouch!

Which team name do you think is the worst?
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Hey, Mike. The WNBA called; they want their glasses back!

29 Oct

Since the inception of this site, Max employees have been required to watch all season openers together (with the exception of the NHL). Last night, we thought we were going to settle in for the kickoff to the 2008 NBA season; but after seeing Cavs coach Mike Brown on his team’s bench, we thought we were watching the WNBA opener. What’s with those glasses?


Looks like he went a little crazy with his Bedazzler. Yeah, those things glisten. And no, we don’t have a better camera to take a closer photo. But if you do, please send it along (the camera, that is). Here’s the best we could do:


Our only guess is that he may have lost a bet that requires him to wear girls’ glasses. Either that or he’s auditioning for a job with the Cleveland Rockers (somebody should tell him they folded). For those of you who don’t know, which is probably all of you, the Rockers were a WNBA team. For those of you who don’t know, which is probably all of you, the WNBA is a women’s “basketball” league. They have uniforms and everything.

On a completely unrelated note, did anybody see the Binder & Binder commercial on last night’s telecast? Here’s a pic:


This guy’s a lawyer looking for your business. Hey, Chuck. This is New York City, not Austin, Texas. Don’t you see the big building behind you? Anyway, if we run into any legal problems while trying to secure the lost ark or crystal skull or whatever the heck it is that Indiana Jones looks for when not teaching class, then we’ll call you up. Otherwise, lose the hat!